• Matrix
  • Automatic
    and Conductive

The new standard
for automatic charging.

Easelink industrializes Matrix Charging®, the first automated conductive charging technology that has no moving parts outside of the vehicle.

It‘s stationary and it‘s scalable. Matrix Charging® has been developed to foster smart living through outstanding charging technology.

Together we can charge
the world.

Powerful. Convenient.
Durable. Smart.

Conductive fast charging.
22 kW AC, high-power DC.
99% transfer efficiency.

Park and charge.

Cars with Matrix Charging® Systems charge automatically when parked over a Matrix Charging® Pad. Connector and Pad communicate via a secure wireless connection. After a system check and an authentication process, the vehicle automatically connects to the Matrix Charging® Pad. An intelligent charging management system controls and permanently monitors the charging process.

The main

  • Matrix Charging® Connector

    The Matrix Charging® Connector houses all moving parts. Because of its light weight, smart design and adaptable geometry, it can easily be retrofitted in any electric vehicle.

    Supported by gravity, the Connector performs a vertical, unidirectional movement to connect the vehicle with the Matrix Charging® Pad.

  • Matrix Charging® Pad

    The Matrix Charging® Pad can easily be mounted in any parking lot. It‘s also possible to embed the Pad in the ground creating a flat parking surface. The Pad‘s surface itself is formed by a two-dimensional matrix of hexagonal conductors.

    High-quality materials, a flat design and the absence of moving parts make the Pad very durable. It can withstand all weather influences, can be driven over without restriction and is vandalism-proof.

and figures.

  • Matrix Charging®

    • Highly competitive component cost
    • Charging power of up to 22 kW AC and high-power DC
    • Transfer efficiency > 99 % (like plug & socket connection)
    • Applicable Position Tolerance (e.g. 400 × 400 mm)
    • Robustness (Traversable and maintenance-free)
    • Safety (most advanced and redundant TÜV reviewed safety system)
    • Type-2-compatibility with all relevant charging modes
  • Matrix Charging® Pad

    • No moving parts
    • AC and DC charging
    • 400 × 400 mm positioning tolerance
    • Simple retrofitting of parking lots
    • < 40 mm height for retrofitting
    • Vehicle traversability
    • Robust and maintenance-free
    • Resistant to moisture, water, ice, dust, small stones and corrosion
    • Airflow cleaning system for a dry pad surface
    • Individual design options
  • Matrix Charging® Connector

    • Adaptable geometry for different packaging requirements
    • Extremely simple unidirectional mechanism
    • Cost optimized product for the volume segment
    • Lightweight design (<5 kg at high-power DC)
    • Air intake
    • Optimized volumetric packaging (~3 l)
    • 12 V power supply and CAN connection
    • HV connection to on-board charger
    • Houses all moving parts
    • Suitable for ground clearances up to 250 mm and more

The revolutionary
charging experience.

Upgrading e-cars and parking lots, hence the whole experience of e-mobility, has never been so simple.

Matrix Charging® stands for a completely new approach towards e-mobility – a way of thinking beyond usual categories of battery charging while focusing on user demands: simplicity, affordability and inclusivity.

Today electric vehicle
charging is inconvenient
and counter-intuitive.

We‘re here to change that.

Technical Features

  • High


    High scalability of parking lot charging modules is a key requirement for a wide-scale introduction of automated charging.

    To provide maximal scalability we place all moving parts inside the Matrix Charging® Connector located in the vehicle. Because of this the Matrix Charging® Pad remains simple, robust and inexpensive.

  • Conductive power

    Conductive power

    Conductive charging offers significant advantages compared to inductive systems such as: higher power rates, maximum efficiency, less additional weight, lower product costs and no critical magnetic fields.

    Matrix Charging® combines the power of conductive electrical connections with the convenience of inductive charging.

  • Maximal


    The future of charging will become a well-controlled interaction between vehicles and the electricity grid (V2G). Therefore, Matrix Charging® maximises connectivity time and fully supports smart charging applications.

  • Great parking

    Great parking

    Matrix Charging® offers a great parking tolerance which guarantees that the charging performance is not affected by the vehicle‘s parking position. Selective activation of contact pins beneath the lowered Matrix Charging® Connector compensates for parking misalignments.

  • Matrix smart

    Matrix smart

    Contact pins on the Pad are only activated when covered by the Connector. Electrically charged elements are not exposed to the surroundings. This ensures risk-free charging.

  • Airflow cleaning

    Airflow cleaning

    A specially developed air flow cleaning system cleans the Pad‘s surface and ensures the removal of water, dust and small stones.


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