The revolutionary charging experience.

With Matrix Charging®, we fully automate the charging process. It becomes invisible to the user, and electric vehicles are reliably connected to the grid whenever and wherever they are parked.

Matrix Charging®

Cars utilizing Matrix Charging® charge automatically when parked over a traversable Matrix Charging® Pad. Even the shortest parking stops can be conveniently used for charging – unlocking completely new approaches towards e-mobility and smart cities.

How Matrix Charging® is shaping mobility.

A truly user-centric car charges itself automatically. Forget the plug and cable. Let charging just happen. Matrix Charging® is designed for a variety of use cases. Fields of applications range from a plug & solution at private homes or working locations up to a simple roll-out of charging points in densely populated cities for taxis, fleets, or individual vehicles.

The Next EV Charging Standard.

Connecting Vehicle & Grid

EV share is scaling and needs to be synced with renewable energy production. Batteries on four wheels we call EVs. Besides its mobility function, they can store energy and feed it back into the grid when needed. By connecting EVs automatically with the grid whenever parked EVs become a controllable resource in the energy system. Exchange of energy between EV batteries and the grid in both ways is namely bidirectional charging.

Matrix Charging® ensures „parking time = connection time“ making EVs an accessible flexible resource for the grid.


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