6. September 2021

Easelink demonstrates Matrix Charging® at IAA Mobility 2021

Matrix Charging® has been integrated into the demonstration model of the Schaeffler Rolling Chassis, a flexible and scalable platform for new driverless mobility solutions for transporting passengers and goods.

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Schaeffler Rolling Chassis with Matrix Charging®
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Autonomous Charging for Autonomous Vehicles

Alongside the transition to electric drive trains for CO2-neutral vehicles, the most innovative car makers and suppliers are working to introduce new generations of highly automated electric vehicle applications. In addition to fully automated operation, the rollout of autonomous mobility concepts also depends on automated charging as another key function. As a fully automated conductive charging system, Matrix Charging® can make autonomous charging a reality.

Matrix Charging® consists of two components: the Matrix Charging® Connector (vehicle unit attached to the vehicle’s underbody) and the Matrix Charging® Pad (installed in the parking space surface). Once the vehicle has parked above the Pad, the Connector automatically lowers from the vehicle’s underbody and connects to the Pad on the parking space. The vehicle is then charged over the conductive connection.

In cooperation with the automotive and industrial parts supplier Schaeffler, Easelink is demonstrating the Matrix Charging® system at this year’s IAA Mobility 2021 in the Schaeffler demonstration model “Rolling Chassis”, a modular and autonomous platform for new mobility solutions in the area of passenger and goods transport.

The use cases envisaged by Schaeffler for its purely electric, autonomous Rolling Chassis platform highlight the need for automated charging. With the Matrix Charging® technology, we are striving for manufacturer-independent standardization as well as use of the technology in the high-volume electric vehicle segments.
Hermann Stockinger, founder and CEO of Easelink

Easelink is already working with mobility service providers such as electric taxi companies and carsharing providers, who are using the Matrix Charging® technology in various real-world environments. This highlights the versatility of the technology, which offers the potential for charging points in public spaces that take up no space whatsoever as well as in logistics areas of airports and the like. The outstanding efficiency and charging performance also support a wide range of applications. The conductive connection of the Matrix Charging® system can achieve a charging performance of 22 kW AC or up to 50 kW DC at 400 volts / up to 100 kW DC at 800 volts, all with a nearly 100% transmission efficiency.

The Matrix Charging® Pads can be installed flush with the road surface or easily positioned atop existing parking spaces. The Pads are highly robust. They sustain no damage when driven over and are immune to the expected environmental influences as well. An integrated cleaning routine in the Connector on the vehicle side ensures a stable charging connection even when the Pad is covered with water, salt or gravel. In other words, the system is suitable for creating automated charging points in roofed and protected areas, such as garages, as well as in outdoor public spaces.

Visitors to IAA Mobility, hall B3, booth A80 will have the opportunity to view the Matrix Charging® system in the Schaeffler Rolling Chassis demonstration model.

Schaeffler Rolling Chassis charging autonomously with Matrix Charging® at IAA Mobility 2021
Matrix Charging® system at IAA Mobility 2021

Easelink is a high-tech company headquartered in Graz, Austria, and dedicated to development of the automated conductive charging solution “Matrix Charging® ” for electric vehicles. The innovative character of Easelink can be seen in its many patents and trademarks. Easelink, with sites in Austria and China, currently has 24 employees and actively contributes to various standardization bodies for charging technology, such as the relevant working groups of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIn), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Within the framework of cooperative projects, a number of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, infrastructure providers and vehicle fleet operators are already making use already of the innovative Matrix Charging® technology.

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