A team dedicated to scale e-mobility.

We offer an exciting working environment from development, engineering, prototyping up to management disciplines. Get to know our team and discover opportunities at Easelink.

Easelink Team
Together we can charge the world.

Defining the global standard for automated charging of electric vehicles requires technical expertise, business know-how, and ­– above all – a creative spirit that is fostered by our dedicated team members, who put innovative ideas into practice every day. Our empowered team works in a confident and self-reliant way together with our external automotive and infrastructure partners.

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Join a team of talents.

See what it’s like to work at Easelink and help shape the future of e-mobility charging.

Open positions.
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Our values and principles.

As a company operating on a global scale and in an industry that will have a massive impact on our lives in the future, we firmly believe that we must take responsibility and stand by our values.

Management by context. We empower people to make the best decisions and find the right solutions, based on clearly established conditions and well defined goals.
Radiate passion
and confidence.
We strive to bring everyone together, inspire them with passion, and build good chemistry to achieve great things.
Analytical decision making. We seek fact-based decisions and the best ideas, while aiming for world-class technology, products, and processes.
Accomplish more
with less.
Focus on results. We don’t get lost in the details. We stay focused on our goals and work consistently and efficiently towards them.
on solutions.
Can do mentality. We work on the best possible solutions no matter what circumstances we face.
Take ownership. We always keep the big picture in mind and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term gain. We take responsibility for our actions.
talent density.
Develop a world-class team. We seek out exceptional individuals who want to excel in their roles and shape a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.
Tolerance and esteem. Our successful relations are founded on attention, respect and trust towards employees, partners and customers.

We make sure that the environment is right.

Easelink employee working on the system

To fundamentally shape the future of e-mobility charging, we need the best people in the industry – those who want to make a difference. It is our goal to create an optimal environment for excellence, where creative minds can thrive.

Hermann Stockinger, CEO

Company benefits.

Get more out of an employment partnership than just a paycheck. We believe that work-life-balance is important and encourage your personal growth.

Flexible working hours & location
Works for early birds and night owls. Our flextime model gives you the possibility to design our optimal workdays. Together with your team lead, you decide when you prefer to work from your home or other locations. We are open to individual solutions.
Professional development
Constant growth and personal development are vital for building a world-class team. We provide coaching, professional training, and development within the team. We are always open to talking about your proposals and personal career growth plans.
With a unique team and outstanding technology, we are setting a global standard. Easelink's vision and global impact technology boost the team's motivation greatly. Independently of your position or role, your contribution is of great value for driving our vision.
Competitive compensation
The talent and personality of our employees speak for themselves. In general, our salaries are above the collective agreement, fair and in line with the market. We determine your gross salary individually with you.
Mobility including pool EVs & scooters
Making electric vehicle charging simple, efficient, and smart is at Easelink's core. Our pool of electric vehicles and e-scooters enables the team to go fully electric on work or private trips. Easelink is also part of Firmenradl, securing some discounts for you.
Infrastructure & transportation
Our offices are well located and connected to public transportation and the bike routes of Graz. If you come by bike or scooter, we have a covered area where you can park. In our parking garage at the headquarters, you can recharge your own or the company’s electric vehicles.
Team well-being & activities
We regularly arrange joint activities to keep our team in good spirits. We enjoy going on hiking tours, rowing on the Mur, or just celebrating occasions with good food and drinks. We always keep our team charged up with coffee, tea, fresh fruits, and homemade pies.
Onboarding & buddy program
Our onboarding and buddy program, as well as the welcome day, will help you feel welcome right from your start at Easelink. Every new team member gets a buddy who shares relevant insights such as who is part of the afterwork-running group or how to best spend lunch breaks.
For your well-being we organize team sports activities on a regular basis and provide you with the perfect workplace ergonomics, including adjustable worktables. For promoting mental health, we cooperate with our office neighbors Instahelp for anonymous psychological online counseling.
EVs parking in front of Matrix Charging Pads
About the company.
Shaping mobility by charging at any stop.
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We are proud to have earned a trusted reputation as an employer.
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Join our team and shape the future of EV charging.