The missing link in e-mobility.

We are a high-tech company collaborating with international players in the automotive & infrastructure industry.

EVs parking in front of Matrix Charging Pads
Easelink is a high-tech company headquartered in Graz, Austria, and dedicated to the development of the automated conductive charging solution „Matrix Charging®“ – the future charging standard for electric vehicles.

The vision behind Matrix Charging® is to use the entire parking time of electric vehicles as charging time, through an automated charging connection in the parking space itself, simplifying the charging process and enhancing convenience for EV owners.

Founded in 2016
Easelink was founded in 2016 and is growing sustainably ever since.
40+ employees
We scaled our team to over 40 employees with a continuing healthy growth.
World wide operations
Headquarter: Graz (AT)
Subsidiary: Beijing (CN)
Extensive patent portfolio
Multiple patent families are granted in major automotive markets.
Partnerships with leading manufacturers
Some of the best-known names in the automotive industry trust in Matrix Charging®.

Our Vision.
Energizing EVs by charging everywhere and at any time.

Placement of the Matrix Charging System inside a car

Easelink is about to close the missing link in e-mobility by developing an automated charging solution for electric vehicles.

The continuous rise of electric vehicles and the inevitable shift towards “mobility as a service” – accompanied by a push towards autonomous driving – will make automated charging indispensable.

Matrix Charging® uses the entire parking time of electric vehicles as charging time, through an automated charging connection in the parking space itself, maximising vehicle-to-grid connection time.

Our Vision.

Our Mission

Public Application of Matrix Charging

By leading tech development we, jointly with our partners from the automotive and energy sector, strive to set the global standard for automated charging.

With Matrix Charging® we enable a sustainable, smart and user-centric integration of electric cars into the energy system.



Our Mission.
Close collaboration with a diverse set of stakeholders.
As a high-tech company Easelink closely collaborates with a diverse set of stakeholders. Projects on an international level with OEMs, suppliers and service providers preparing the serial production of Matrix Charging® are taking place at the moment.
Targeting all relevant environments.
By partnering with infrastructure representatives from a charge point operator perspective, such as municipalities and energy supply companies, Easelink is targeting Matrix Charging® applications in all relevant indoor and outdoor, private and public working environments. Especially for operating electric vehicle fleets or private use cases an aftermarket retrofit solution is currently being developed.
International standardization process (IEC & ISO).
To enhance the breakthrough of e-mobility, international standards harmonizing the interaction between electric vehicles and infrastructure are more important than ever. Easelink actively works on an international standardization process for Matrix Charging® by participating in various standardization bodies for charging technology like International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Leading industry players are already on board.
Currently, within the framework of cooperative projects, a number of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, infrastructure providers and vehicle fleet operators already join the development of the innovative Matrix Charging® technology. Pilot projects within electric vehicle fleets are being performed with valuable insights for technology optimization.

Solving the problems of large scale e-mobility.

Matrix Charging Pad in front of an ev-taxi

When the amount of EVs hit a critical number, the charging infrastructure needs to be ready, capable and smart.

The implementation of bi-directional charging at the highest efficiency level in electric vehicles through Matrix Charging®, combined with the maximisation of vehicle-to-grid connection time it enables, is of utmost importance for the development of sustainable energy ecosystems.

Matrix Charging enables EVs to serve as mobile batteries, so vehicles become not just consumers but active contributors to the grid. This capability has profound implications for grid management, especially during peak demand periods or unforeseen power fluctuations.

Shaping e-mobility by charging at any stop.

The management team.

A dedicated leadership team with a clear vision.

Hermann Stockinger
Hermann Stockinger
CEO & Founder
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Gregor Eckhard
Gregor Eckhard
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Jürgen Antonitsch
Jürgen Antonitsch
Automotive Cooperations & Technology
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Advisory board.

Anton Arts Set Ventures
Anton Arts
Set Ventures
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Yves Pircher Smartworks
Yves Pircher
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Dr Hermann Hauser
Dr. Hermann Hauser
Dr. Hermann Hauser
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Marc Umber EnWB
Marc Umber
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Making e-mobility possible on a large scale.

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Our Partners & Investors.

We are fortunate to have the right partners to create the best possible product and that give us the necessary reach to make our vision reality.

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Easelink team member working on the Matrix Charging system
Whats it like to work at Easelink?
Shaping mobility by charging at any stop.
Join our team and shape the future of EV charging.