15. September 2017

Concept presentation: Easelink and Wey present Matrix Charging® within show car XEV 1 at IAA 2017

Wey and Easelink presented concept car XEV 1 equipped with automated conductive charging system Matrix Charging® at IAA 2017. This demonstration caught international interest within the automotive industry.

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Jack Wei, Hermann Stockinger
Jack Wei, chairman at WEY – Great Wall Motor, and Hermann Stockinger, managing director at Easelink.
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At the annual International motor show IAA taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, Easelink together with Wey, a brand of the Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall, presented Matrix Charging® within the show car XEV 1 to automobile manufacturers from all over the world.

The development and the novelty of the automated charging system caught international attention in specialist circles. The automated conductive charging system Matrix Charging® proves its potential with a high performance, efficiency, and user comfort. The Matrix Charging® system consists of two components: a vehicle unit on the vehicle underbody (Matrix Charging® Connector) and the charging plate at the parking space (Matrix Charging® Pad).

The robust pad, which is connected to the power grid, can easily withstand the passage of a truck weighing several tons and is the basis for the electric refueling process of tomorrow: a connector that is lowered from the vehicle’s underbody fully automatically connects to the pad. A matrix of hexagonal, metallic contact surfaces provides a flexible connection between the connector and the pad regardless of the exact parking point and orientation of the vehicle. A power of up to 43 kW (DC) or 22 kW (AC) is transmitted conductively, with an efficiency of more than 99 percent. Inductive solutions in comparison do not even achieve a quarter of the power and offer practically no parking tolerance. The additional weight in the vehicle is also marginal compared to comparable systems because the connector just weighs less than five kilograms.

Wey IAA 2017 XEV 1 presentation

Currently, several prototypes of the automated conductive charging system are being validated in various development environments. Easelink together with Wey executed a test vehicle integration within a concept phase. However, the XEV 1 model was not integrated into series automobiles production of Wey.

Easelink is a high-tech company headquartered in Graz, Austria, and dedicated to development of the automated conductive charging solution “Matrix Charging®” for electric vehicles. The innovative character of Easelink can be seen in its many patents and trademarks. Easelink, with sites in Austria and China, currently has 45 employees and actively contributes to various standardization bodies for charging technology, such as the relevant working groups of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIn), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Within the framework of cooperative projects, a number of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, infrastructure providers and vehicle fleet operators are already making use already of the innovative Matrix Charging® technology.

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