17. April 2024

Easelink Lecture & Booth at International Vienna Motor Symposium 2024

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We are part of this year’s International Vienna Motor Symposium presenting the future of ev charging.

The themes of this year’s conference cover topics such as “Powertrain of the Future”, “Renewable Energy Supply”, “New Solutions for Powertrains of the Future” and “Autonomous Driving for Future Mobility”. At Easelink, we have developed Matrix Charging®, an interface technology between the vehicle & the infrastructure. An integral part of our approach toward connected mobility is connecting EVs to the grid whenever and wherever parked. Fully automated with Matrix Charging®. Currently, together with our +30 partners, we are running the eTaxi Austria project which is the world’s largest project based on automated charging of EVs in operation.

Thursday, 25th April, 18:00 – 18:30, Festsaal: Easelink Speech: Automated Charging of Urban eTaxi-Fleets by Gregor Eckhard, COO Easelink 

At the outdoor exhibition area, visitors can experience the technology and enjoy a Matrix Charging® live demo with a VW ID.4: Easelink Booth Outdoor Area