17. April 2024

Innovative Collaboration: POLYTEC – Easelink

Polytec is a solution partner of Easelink for Matrix Charging® Pads which are already in use within the ongoing eTaxi Austria project.

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Peter Bernscher, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and CCO of the POLYTEC GROUP, and Jürgen Antonitsch, responsible for Automotive Cooperations & Technology at Easelink, in front of the Matrix Charging® charging point in Graz.
Partner and Project Insights

Under the motto “We transform visions into plastic products”, POLYTEC SOLUTION FORCE develops plastic solutions for the customer requirements of tomorrow. In line with this principle, POLYTEC is turning the idea of the Austrian high-tech company Easelink for an automated charging system for electric vehicles into reality. Thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of materials and technology, POLYTEC is developing the plastic components for the so-called Matrix Charging® Pads as a solution partner. The charging pads are implemented with the aid of technically highly resilient plastics. These not only meet strict safety criteria under high-voltage conditions, but are also resistant to corrosion caused by road salt and grit, and withstand the stresses of heavy vehicles.

This promising collaboration on new automated charging technology marks another important milestone for us at POLYTEC in the direction of electromobility. We look forward to rolling out this highly innovative Matrix Charging system together with Easelink and thereby making a contribution to environmentally friendly transportation and improving the quality of life in urban areas
Peter Bernscher, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and CCO of the POLYTEC GROUP

More than 50 Matrix Charging® Pads are already being successfully piloted for eTaxis in Vienna and Graz. These charging pads are integrated into parking areas in a barrier-free and space-saving manner and thus make a significant contribution to the creation of an environmentally friendly and liveable environment in the sense of green cities.

A look into the future of the cooperation between Easelink and POLYTEC shows that the implemented solution for the highly robust charging infrastructure is also to be extended to other applications as well as to other cities and countries.