The new standard for automated EV charging.

Matrix Charging® is the missing link to make key technologies like autonomous driving and smart grid applications possible on a large scale.

The system.

Matrix Charging® Connector
Matrix Charging® Pad
Matrix Charging® provides a fully automated charging experience.

The integrated Matrix Charging® Connector on the vehicle undercarriage connects to the Matrix Charging® Pad in the parking space.

The Matrix Charging® Pad is easy to install at existing parking spaces and can be embedded flush into the ground in outdoor applications. The system can be installed directly at selected OEMs or can be retrofitted at selected garages.
About the technology

About the technology

How Matrix Charging® is shaping mobility.

A truly user-centric car charges itself automatically. Forget the plug and cable. Let charging just happen. Matrix Charging® is designed for a variety of use cases. Fields of applications range from a plug & solution at private homes or working locations up to a simple roll-out of charging points in densely populated cities for taxis, fleets, or individual vehicles.

Our approach is based on scalability.

For a technology to become the next automated EV charging standard must be affordable, scalable designed and transfer energy most efficiently. Matrix Charging® design outperforms in these terms.

99% Energy Efficiency
Automated conductive connection
Designed for Scalability
Easy implementation on infrastructure & vehicle side
Cost Benchmark
Most cost-effective system for all vehicle price segments

Reasons for Automated Charging.

Matrix Charging supports smart charging

Automated Charging

For a sustainable, smart energy grid

01 — Smart energy grid

Flexibility & automation is key.

Flexibility & automation is key.

Flexibility & automation are key for a successful rollout of vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications. Our electric grids require flexibility to match green energy demand and supply. We can easily balance the volatility of renewable energy & stabilize the grid with our EV use & charging behavior. EVs with their batteries offer the possibility to store larger quantities of energy. EV batteries offer flexibility for a smart grid.

For a smart grid to work, we need to connect EVs as often and for as long as possible. To make that happen, we need to make the charging process as smooth and easy as possible for the driver. The solution is automated charging. Car is connected whenever parked with Matrix Charging®.

Automated Charging

For broad roll-out of electric vehicles in urban areas

02 – Made for large-scale roll-out

Cars need to be charged from the bottom.

Cars need to be charged from the bottom.

Hands-free & automated charging are key for urban charging infrastructure. Space in urban areas is limited and extremely costly. Currently, EVs represent less than 2% of vehicle fleets worldwide. Thinking of e-mobility today includes the image of charging poles & cables hanging around in our minds. Looking into 2050 more than 50% of global fleets are going to be electrified. The need for a non-invasive charging infrastructure is clear.

The solution is integrating the charging infrastructure into the ground, especially into parking spots, where no additional space is needed. This means that cars need to be charged from the bottom, not accessible for manual charging. And the solution for that is again automated charging.

Automated Charging

A prerequisite for the advance of autonomous driving functionality

03 — Autonomous driving

Charging must happen automatically.

Charging must happen automatically.

The roll out of autonomous driving functions for EVs also requires automated charging as another key function. As soon as an EV parks itself fully automatically, automated charging becomes a must-have feature. No one would go after a selfdriving EV to plug it in manually.Autonomous parking just works with automated charging. The EV is connected whenever parked with Matrix Charging®.

Automated Charging

Relieves the driver from the burden of charging to enable a truly user-centric car

04 — Purely user-centric

Put the driver in the center.

Put the driver in the center.

EV drivers must be relieved from handling charging cables & cards for a greater acceptance of e-mobility. The evolution of cars is full of examples for automation. Electric windows, Electric trunk, Navigations systems, Voice control.

All these innovations have the same intention: Put the user in the center and alleviate them from burdensome activities. Automated charging is a key element for a truly user-centric car.

EVs parking in front of Matrix Charging Pads
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