How Matrix Charging® is shaping mobility.

The design of Matrix Charging® enables a broad deployment in indoor & outdoor applications.

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Goodbye hanging EV charging cables. Benefit of never plugging in and out cables at home anymore.
Easy & comfortable

With Matrix Charging® your EV is always connected when at home giving you the opportunity to use it as a battery storage. You can feed your battery with solar-produced energy at home or also use the stored energy in your battery for your home. Automated charging ensures your EV is always connected.

For home applications, either existing EVs will be retrofitted with Matrix Charging® or the system can be ordered directly at the car dealer when buying a new EV.

01 – Home
Public Application of Matrix Charging
The design of Matrix Charging® enables a rollout at supermarket parking lots, public parking garages or just urban parking spots close to the roads.
Space saving
Easy & comfortable

By embedding the Matrix Charging® Pads flush into the parking surface no tripping hazards through hanging cables are created. Our areas stay barrier-free and it’s a space-saving and user-friendly way for EV charging.

02 – Public
Autonomous Shuttle
Autonomous vehicles have no drivers and no one to plug in and out charging cables.
Easy & comfortable
Space saving

It’s evident that autonomous driving vehicles need automated charging.

Read more about the collaboration with Easelink & Schaeffler for the new driverless mobility platform for transporting passengers and goods.

03 – Autonomous Shuttle
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With Matrix Charging® your fleets benefits from space saving & robust design and the elimination of human error for keeping your fleet charged up.
Space saving

No matter if you have a delivery fleet, company fleet or carsharing fleet with Matrix Charging® your fleets benefits from space saving & robust design, a high user convenience and the elimination of human errors for keeping your fleet charged up.

04 – Fleets
Matrix Charging Pad in front of an ev-taxi
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Electric taxis must be charged up automatically directly at their taxi stands.
Space saving
Easy & comfortable

Automated charging enables quick (dis)connection times to move forward in the taxi lane or leave the taxi. Waiting time for taxi guests can be used conveniently for charging without cables to plug in and out. Fully automated and easy to use. For cities is essential that the charging infrastructure doesn’t need additional space and is barrier-free. Matrix Charging® fulfills these requirements is best suited for areawide automated charging infrastructure.

e-Taxi Austria is the world’s largest project with automated conduction charging.

05 – Taxis

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