For a sustainable and responsible future.

With our technology we are pushing forward a sustainable mobility.

Matrix Charging® is a high-impact technology for CO2-reduction.

We are proud to be developing a technology that will have a dramatic, positive impact on CO2 reduction. With Matrix Charging®, your electric vehicle is always connected while at home, giving you the opportunity to use it as a storage battery. You can feed your battery with solar-produced energy at home and also use the energy stored in your battery for your home. Over its average ten-year lifetime, an electric vehicle generates 70 g/km of CO2 savings compared to an ICE-based vehicle*(EnBW, projection for 2030). Adding Matrix Charging® boosts these savings by an additional 14.5%.

Lighter electric vehicles
Setting an average battery capacity around 68,7 kWh in vehicle production will save costs, resources and emissions.
Conductive & connected
Automated conductive charging connections offer increased CO2 savings compared to inductive charging.
Smart charging & V2G
Facilitating CO2 reductions through enhanced and automated vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration.
EV adoption with Matrix Charging®
Accelerate CO2 savings through the widespread adoption of electric vehicles with Matrix Charging®.

Sustainable Development Goals

Easelink aligns its business with the sustainable development goals and takes corporate social responsibility seriously.

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