The next EV charging standard.

Matrix Charging® combines all the benefits of efficient cable-based charging with the comfort of hands-free charging.

Matrix Charging® offers a seamless automated charging experience. The Matrix Charging® Connector, located under the vehicle in the area of the front axle, automatically descends and connects to the Matrix Charging® Pad in the parking space. Easily install the Pad at existing parking spaces or embed it flush in outdoor settings.

The system
Simple & cost-efficient design
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Proven in real world conditions
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Efficient & safe
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Connected & smart
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  • Adaptable geometry for different packaging requirements
  • Extremely simple unidirectional mechanism
  • Cost optimized product for the volume segment
  • Lightweight design <4 kg
  • Integrated cleaning system for a safe and reliable charging connection
  • Optimized volumetric packaging (~3l)
  • 12 V power supply and CAN connection
  • HV connection to on-board charger
  • Suitable for all passenger car ground clearances


  • Static and resilient device
  • Applicable: indoor – outdoor, private – public
  • Simple retrofitting of parking lots
  • 225×390 mm positioning tolerance
  • < 40 mm height for retrofitting
  • Resistant to moisture, water, ice, snow, dust, small stones and corrosion
  • Individual design options

The System.

The integrated Matrix Charging® Connector descends automatically from the vehicles underbody and connects to the Matrix Charging® Pad in the parking space.

The Matrix Charging® Pad is easy to install on existing parking spaces and can be embedded flush into the ground in outdoor applications.

The system can be factory installed at selected OEMs or retrofitted at partner garages.

Simple & cost-efficient design.

OEM Design

Matrix Charging® offers a simple and cost-efficient design for cross-brand, mass-market application. Easelink guarantees non-exclusive licensees access to a broad supplier base, enabling unique customer products. We retain responsibility for the interface to ensure seamless interoperability across brands, suppliers, and product generations.

  • Cost benchmark through simple design
  • Maximum efficiency via conductive connection
  • Low complex integration into the vehicle architecture

Retrofit Design

Matrix Charging® is also easy to retrofit thanks to its compact vehicle packaging. The additional automated charging interface serves as a versatile aftermarket product for a wide range of applications. Embracing the latest technology in automated electric vehicle charging is beneficial for both individual, private electric vehicle users, and fleet operators across a variety of brands, guaranteeing a seamless and advanced charging experience.

  • Cost benchmark through simple design
  • Maximum efficiency via conductive connection
  • Compatible with multiple existing EV platforms and easy integration into the target vehicle via partner garages

Pad Designs

On-Top Installation

The Matrix Charging® Pad on-top installation can be rolled out at homes and private properties.

  • Suitable for indoor and protected outdoor areas
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Drive-over capability up to 1 t per wheel
  • Resistant to moisture, water, ice, snow, dust, small stones & corrosion

Pad Designs

Flush Integration

Integrated seamlessly into the surface of the road the flush variant is the perfect fit for public use cases.

  • Withstands rough and unprotected outdoor conditions
  • Space-saving and barrier-free integration
  • Drive-over capability up to 6 t per wheel
  • Resistant to moisture, water, ice, snow, dust, small stones & corrosion

Proven in real-world conditions.

eTaxi Retrofit Project

World’s largest automated electric vehicle charging project operating in Vienna & Graz, Austria.

Proven in real-world conditions.

Space saving & barrier-free public installations.

Vorgartenstraße 7 Pads
Canovagasse4 Pads
Schillerplatz 2 Pads
Quellenstraße8 Pads
Klausenburgerstraße4 Pads
Porzellangasse8 Pads
Coming soon
Untere Donaustraße8 Pads
Coming soon
Schubertstraße 2 Pads
As the leading mobility club in the country, the ÖAMTC supports the eTaxi project as a competence center in the vehicle sector and in e-car servicing. Our experience in testing Matrix Charging® within the ÖAMTC E fleet has shown that Matrix Charging® is ideally suited as a technically safe and robust solution for the eTaxi project.
Christian Klejna, expert for electromobility, ÖAMTC
For the electrification of taxi fleets, the automation of charging at the stand is crucial. This can only be achieved with a robust charging technology that can be integrated flush and thus barrier-free into the roads. Matrix Charging® meets these requirements and offers high efficiency through the conductive connection. Due to the decentralized design of the charging infrastructure and a high connection time of the vehicles with the charging points, a grid-serving integration into the urban power grid can be achieved
Paul Gredler Oxenbauer, Group Manager Charging Solutions from Wien Energie.
Low touch operation is key in providing customer-oriented infrastructure. Matrix Charging® is the fully automated charging system that will accelerate the shift to e-mobility. Easelink’s technology is best positioned to play a key role in the future. We are excited to take part in this innovation.
Marc Umber, Head of Investment Team at EnBW New Ventures
We are very pleased to have worked alongside Vienna and Graz over the course of many years on converting the taxi fleets. Since 2013, the BMK has provided funding by means of various programs that has helped lay important groundwork in Vienna and Graz. This makes it all the more gratifying to witness this project based on innovative charging technology developed in Austria successfully positioning climate protection as an opportunity for the local economy.
Herbert Kasser, General Secectary Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
The Easelink technology has impressed KEBA with the high level of convenience it offers to users of electric vehicles, and it excellently complements our portfolio of intelligent charging solutions. The automation of the charging process and the almost continuous connection between the electric car and the home electrical system offers tremendous potential. This is especially true with regard to optimizing charging to take advantage of excess PV power, assisting in grid stabilization and enabling bidirectional charging – under the heading of vehicle to home (V2H).
Gerhard Weidinger, CTO KEBA Energy Automation
Automated charging is essential for a future of mobility that is electrified, autonomous and always connected. We support Easelink’s vision to fully integrate electric vehicles into a renewable energy system.
Anton Arts, Managing Partner at SET Ventures

Pilot projects since 2018.

Robust under tough conditions.

The Matrix Charging® Pad is a resilient and stationary device installed in the parking space. It can withstand various road users from pedestrians to heavy-duty trucks, as it has no moving parts. The Matrix Charging® Pads are made of high-strength plastic with inset stainless steel pins. Static seals allow a cost-efficient implementation of IP66 water-tightness as per ISO 20653, and the Pad can even withstand street sweepers and heavy impacts. The materials used can withstand the chemical and environmental exposures that occur on public streets.

Works in all conditions.

The integrated cleaning system ensures a reliable electrical connection even under heavily soiled conditions especially outdoor. A fan is integrated into the Matrix Charging® Connector which provides an air flow that removes loose dirt from the surface of the Matrix Charging® Pad. Cleaning lamellas integrated into the Matrix Charging® Connector interface dislodge foreign objects by touching down while continuously rotating. This cleans the Pad of various impurities (dirt, salt, leaves, raindrops, etc.) before starting the charging process.

Efficient & safe.

Operates at highest efficiency. In both directions.

What Matrix Charging® has in common with cable-based charging is the reliable energy transmission via a direct physical connection. This is called conductive charging.

In terms of charging efficiency, charging power, EMC and costs Matrix Charging® provides significant advantages over wireless charging.

  • > 99% transfer efficiency
  • Charging power: 22 kW AC and 50 kW DC
  • Suited for bidirectional charging

Safer than a conventional household outlet.

The Matrix Charging® Pad detects where the Connector from the vehicle has touched down and activates only the contacts that are covered by the Connectors interface. Only the covered and protected contacts are put under tension. This ensures safe and reliable charging.

Triangular selective activation system.

Only covered contact pins are activated during the charging process. This process is ensured by multiple safety layers.

Live conductor


Three of the center contacts serve as the live wire.

Neutral conductor


The three opposite contacts serve as neutral conductors.

Protective earth


The outer three contacts serve as protective earth.

Connected & Smart.

Park & Charge.

During the parking process, an ultra-wide band (UWB) positioning system assists the driver in finding the right parking position. The Matrix Charging Pad® offers multiple equivalent docking positions for easy and convenient parking. As soon as the vehicle is parked above the Matrix Charging Pad®, the Matrix Charging® Connector is lowered from the vehicle and charging begins fully automatically.

Enabling smart charging.

Matrix Charging® is based on the standard ISO 15118 road vehicles – vehicle-to-grid communication interface. All relevant charging features, such as load management and bidirectional charging are enabled. 

Matrix Charging supports smart charging

Grid optimized charging

In order to become a manageable resource in the energy system, EVs must be automatically connected to the grid whenever parked. Matrix Charging® ensures “parking time = connection time,” making EVs an accessible and flexible resource for the grid.

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