Easelink Ltd.

About us

Easelink is a high-tech company headquartered in Graz, Austria, and dedicated to development of the automated conductive charging solution “Matrix Charging®” for electric vehicles. The Matrix Charging® system consists of two components: a vehicle unit on the vehicle underbody (Matrix Charging® Connector) and the charging plate at the parking space (Matrix Charging® Pad). As soon as the vehicle parks above the charging plate in the parking space, the vehicle is automatically charged via the direct physical connection.

Company founded 2016
Headquarter: Graz, Austria
Subsidiary: China
30 Employees
Multiple patent families are granted in major automotive markets

Shaping mobility by charging at any stop

Today there are three major trends changing mobility: the electrification of the vehicle powertrain, mobility as a service and autonomous driving. This forces OEMs to adapt their powertrain configurations and as well as setup changes of the charging infrastructure by charge point operators. The more autonomous electric vehicles get, the more important automated charging systems become. The development of autonomous driving functions makes automated charging indispensable. Easelink is about to close this missing link by developing an automated charging solution for electric vehicles.

The vision behind the technology is to use the entire parking time of electric vehicles as charging time by means of an automated charging connection in the parking space itself.

Focus of Easelink

As a high-tech company Easelink closely collaborates with a diverse set of stakeholders. Projects on an international level with car manufacturer, suppliers and service providers preparing the serial production of Matrix Charging® are taking place at the moment.

By partnering with infrastructure representatives from a charge point operator perspective, such as municipalities and energy supply companies, Easelink is targeting Matrix Charging® applications in all relevant indoor and outdoor, private and public working environments. Especially for operating electric vehicle fleets an aftermarket retrofit solution is currently being developed.

By establishing a close link between the automotive and infrastructure industry Easelink boosts the progress of e-mobility with an automated conductive charging technology.

To enhance the breakthrough of e-mobility, international standards harmonizing the interaction between electric vehicles and infrastructure are more important than ever. Easelink actively works on an international standardization process for Matrix Charging® by participating in various standardization bodies for charging technology like International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Currently, within the framework of cooperative projects, a number of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, infrastructure providers and vehicle fleet operators already join the development of the innovative Matrix Charging® technology. Pilot projects within electric vehicle fleets are being performed with valuable insights for technology optimization.

The rise in the number of electric cars, the development of autonomous driving and users’ desire for convenience make the automation of the charging process indispensable.